These testimonials from individuals who have used the Research Fundamentals Training Package can be shared to convey key features and benefits of the package. Testimonials can be included in newsletter articles, presentations, or other formats to communicate the benefits of the package and encourage others to explore and use the package.

Testimonials about Awareness or New Knowledge of a Topic/Concept

  • It was eye opening to learn that incorporating the perspective and thoughts of a variety of stakeholders can very much influence the success of a study.
    (Ravi P., Clinician Researcher)
  • Prior to this [package], I was still a little confused about how I can contribute to each stage of the research project, but after doing the modules I see how important it is to have patients involved at every stage.
    (Heather D., Patient/Family Caregiver)
  • Since I have research training, what I found most useful was obtaining a better understanding of how research projects are created in collaboration with patients and families.
    (Susan P., Researcher)

Testimonials about Appreciation for the Design and Features

  • I appreciated how the information was presented in a variety of ways, it was easy to navigate.
    (Jennifer C., Patient/Family Caregiver)
  • This is such a well put-together course. It was very comprehensive and presented in a way which was concise and easy to understand even to those without a research and/or medical background. While it carried a lot of information, the fact that it was split in separate 30-minute modules made it easier to accompany and complete.
    (Cristal G., Patient/Family Caregiver)
  • I just think lots of researchers and stakeholders will feel “I have to do more? I have so much to do!” That concern is valid. So, the fact that this package is tailorable, and you don’t have to look at them all at once, is an important piece.
    (Jennifer L., Patient Partner)
  • I really like how the PI or researcher would describe a concept and the patient would comment or the module provided examples of patient experiences. As a researcher it helped to put into context the reasons for PCORI.
    (Amy H., Clinician Researcher)

Testimony on the Usefulness of the Package for Multiple Audiences

  • This package will be useful for multiple audiences, regardless of their experiences with research. It is useful for all stakeholders, and different stakeholders will have a different experience. It can help leaders better communicate about their research with stakeholders – both what to communicate and how to communicate in plain language.
    (Jennifer L., Patient Partner)
  • I had some experience with faculty that wanted to know more about PCORI, who had been funded by the usual suspects like NIH but didn’t choose to submit PCORI applications because they were too outside their lane. And after discussing all of PCORI’s expectations about engagement, and budgeting — because people are not doing this just for the benefits of science — they passed on the opportunities. So, I emphasize that this resource is for established people as well as people early in their careers who need to learn more.
    (Brendaly R., Researcher)
  • This new PCORI training tool supports researchers working with communities and individuals to collaborate and partner on health research design, improve research conduct and achieve more meaningful research goals.
    (NEC Society)
  • Health systems can use this package to bridge gaps between researchers, patient and family advisors, and quality improvement staff who want to partner together, but don’t know how. The package creates a common language that helps to facilitate sharing of diverse perspectives.
    (Pam D., Patient Advocate and Researcher)

Testimonials About Inspiring Change

  • This package communicates an explicit expectation about meaningful partnership with stakeholders and provides tools to meet that expectation. It can be used to build organizational capacity to partner with stakeholders and create a culture change that values quality engagement of stakeholders. It recognizes and reinforces the valuable role of diverse stakeholders in patient-centered outcomes research.
    (Rebekah A., Patient Advocate)
  • I was inspired to think of more relevant patient-centered questions and how that would relate to my current quantitative research. I see the value in including stakeholders, including patients and patient families, to help frame the research question and project around a patient-centered outcome.
    (Brian S., Clinician Researcher)
  • I started thinking about ways patients and caregivers can be encouraged to participate in research. How can their trust be earned? How can we encourage researchers to fully embrace the concept of patient participation?
    (Erin U., Patient/Family Caregiver)
  • The learning package inspired me to think of novel ways in which to incorporate patient's experiences and become equitable partners in research.
    (Cami M., Clinician Researcher)

Created: November 16, 2020

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