The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) along with the PCORI Methodology Committee hosted a Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Infrastructure Workshop to discuss strategies for increasing the use of PROs into electronic health records (EHRs). The workshop was focused on developing an action plan for enhancing use of PROs for clinical care, research, and performance monitoring. It joined patients, clinicians, researchers, healthcare system leaders, policy makers, and other key stakeholders in this important discussion.

Web results were discussed during a moderated session on Day 2 (Breakout Session 3: 11:15am -12:30pm EST).

Post Workshop Details

Workshop Slide Presentations:

Thank you again for your participation in the PRO Infrastructure Workshop November 19-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. The final set of group recommendations were posted the week of December 1. We ask that you review the recommendations, correct inaccuracies, add information in the free text fields to help refine the recommendations as needed, and then prioritize the top 5 recommendations by category. Additional instructions will be posted the next week.

Lori Frank
On behalf of the Planning Committee
Todd Anderson
Research Informatics Lead Epic
Ethan Basch, MD, MSc PCORI Methodology Committee
Director of the Cancer Outcomes Research Program University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lori Frank, PhD
Program Director, Research Integration and Evaluation PCORI
Leo Morales, MD, PhD, MPH
Associate Investigator Group Health Research Institute
Mary Tinetti, MD PCORI Methodology Committee
Chief, Section of Geriatrics Yale University

Meeting Materials:
EHR Landscape Review
Web Breakout Slides
Summary Report