PCORI aims to empower patients and their caregivers by providing the evidence needed to make truly informed decisions about their health and health care. In November 2012, PCORI's Board of Governors adopted comprehensive standards for conducting patient-centered outcomes research. In partnership with AcademyHealth, this webinar helped researchers understand how the PCORI Methodology Committee hopes the standards will be used to support high-quality, scientifically rigorous patient-centered outcomes research.

The webinar was part of a PCORI mini-course focusing on ways researchers can utilize methodology standards to improve patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). The mini-course was offered in partnership with AcademyHealth.

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  • Joe Selby, PCORI Executive Director
  • Brian Mittman, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and PCORI Methodology member.
  • Sean Tunis, Director of the Center for Medical Technology Policy
  • David Hickam, M.D., M.P.H., Program Director of the Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options program at PCORI

Course level : 101 (introductory) Objective: This session helped participants:

  1. Learn about the requirements for developing the PCOR methods standards and the process used to develop the standards.
  2. Recognize the variation that exists within the standards, highlighting three selected case examples, to demonstrate how they should be read, used and interpreted.
  3. Discuss future directions for the Methodology Committee, and proposed dissemination of the standards.

Meeting Materials