PCORI Annual Meeting 2016, Changing the Conversation About Health Research, #PCORI2016

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Patrick Conway delivers the keynote address before the second plenary session on the second day of the annual meeting.

An estimated one in four Americans lives with more than one chronic condition. This is a major challenge for individuals, their families, and the US healthcare system, given the need for substantial levels of care and, in many cases, poor health outcomes. Managing chronic conditions is often uncoordinated, focusing on addressing individual diseases or conditions rather than focusing on the whole person and their challenges. Keynote speaker Patrick Conway, MD, shared a public insurer’s perspective on how patient-centered research can improve care for those with layers of medical challenges. The plenary panelists outlined future opportunities and provide successful examples where comparative effectiveness research has helped people manage multiple chronic conditions.

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Keynote: Patrick Conway, MD

Moderator: Mary Tinetti, MD

Panelists: Gail Hunt; Uma Kotagal, MBBS, MScm; Sam Ho, MD; Anna Renault; Caroline Blaum, MD, MS


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