During the September 27, 2016, meeting, the Board approved approved $14.8 million to fund a study of two newer blood-thinning medications. The study will compare the two drugs against each other and against the older drug warfarin to see which works best in preventing the recurrence of dangerous blood clots in the veins and lungs. (Read more)

The Board also received an update on the STRIDE Study, a multisite pragmatic trial to reduce falls-related injuries among older adults, which was awarded in 2014 in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health. Information about the STRIDE Study and other business discussed during the Board meeting can be found in the presentation slides.

All PCORI Board meetings are open to the public. This meeting was held via teleconference/webinar with no public comment period.

Meeting Materials

Teleconference Audio Recording

Approved Minutes of the September 27, 2016 Board Meeting