PCORI is pleased to support the April 2016 Health Affairs theme issue on "Patients' and Consumers' Use Of Evidence." On April 7, during a public briefing, PCORI Executive Director Joe Selby, MD, MPH, joined Health Affairs’ Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil to discuss the issue and highlight a number of key articles, including several authored by PCORI awardees.

PCORI Executive Director Joe V. Selby, MD, MPH, delivers his remarks at the briefing.
(Photo courtesy of Health Affairs/Sam Hurd Photography)

We are pleased to provide free access to the full versions of the following articles and blogs:

The April 2016 theme issue offers a comprehensive examination of the issues related to engaging patients more fully in decisions about health care delivery, and provides a number of examples of how researchers hope to provide patients and consumers with better evidence to choose among their health care options. During a series of panels with authors whose papers were featured, several PCORI awardees discussed their work on patient engagement, the roles patients and communities play in research, and the shared decision-making processes between patients and their doctors.

Kristin Carman, MA, PhD, speaks about her article in the April 2016 theme issue.
(Photo courtesy of Health Affairs/Sam Hurd Photography)

The list of speakers and panelists included:

  • Joe V. Selby, MD, MPH
    Executive Director, PCORI
  • Kristin Carman, MA, PhD
    Member, PCORI Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement & Vice President, American Institutes for Research
  • Daniel Dohan, PhD (Project Award)
    Professor, Health Policy and Social Medicine, University of California San Francisco
  • Danielle Lavallee, PhD, PharmD (Project Award)
    Research Assistant Professor, Division of General Surgery, University of Washington
  • Ming Tai-Seale, PhD, MPH (Project Award)
    Senior Scientist, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute
  • John Westfall, MD (Project Award, Project Award)
    Professor of Family Medicine and Director of the High Plains Research Network, University of Colorado
  • Steven Woolf, MD, MPH (Project Award)
    Director, Center on Society and Health, Virginia Commonwealth University

View the full list of speakers. You can catch up on the conversation on Twitter with #patientevidence.

You can find more information about the event here.

News Release: Patients' Use of Evidence Takes Spotlight in PCORI-Supported Theme Issue of Health Affairs