PCORI hosted a discussion of how the findings from systematic reviews of scientific literature can best be presented to assist decision makers. As we stand up a new initiative to fund systematic reviews, we want to ensure that the translation and dissemination formats of the findings we release are useful and actionable by different users.

At this meeting, a broad group of stakeholders—including patients, clinicians, payers and purchasers—were asked to provide input on their information needs, as well as advice and guidance on how the information is presented for decision making. We hope to develop products that can communicate to decision makers meaningful information on health care interventions that will facilitate and enhance health care decision making.

Participation in the discussion was by invitation only, but the public was welcome to listen in via teleconference.

Meeting Materials

Teleconference Audio Recordings

Introduction: Translational Products for Systematic Reviews | A Stakeholder Workshop

Breakout 1: Patients/Consumers

Breakout 2: Clinicians

Breakout 3: Purchasers (Employers)

Breakout 4: Payers (Insurers)

Breakout 5: Patients/Consumers B

Breakout 6: Industry