At its in-person meeting on October 30, 2017, the Board approved $9 million to fund a new study that will compare two approaches to relieve noncancer chronic pain and reduce opioid use. The board also gave PCORI approval to post five new PCORI Methodology Standards for public comment. Four of these new standards focus on studies of complex interventions, a broad category of multicomponent interventions, and the fifth addresses the essential elements of a data management plan. (Read more)

All PCORI Board meetings are open to the public and they are also held via webinar/teleconference. Registration to attend in-person meetings is not required. However, registration to listen in via webinar/teleconference is required.

Each in-person meeting includes a public comment period and attendees may register to provide comment on-site. Individuals unable to attend in person may register to provide comment via telephone (Guidelines for Public Comments).

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Approved Minutes of the October 30, 2017 Board Meeting