The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) hosted a webinar to provide information and answer questions about two funding opportunities: the Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Limited Competition Awards and the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards. These two programs play complementary roles in supporting PCORI’s mission to promote and facilitate the effective and timely use of research evidence in the real world.

The D&I Limited Competition Awards support investigator-initiated D&I of patient-centered, comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) findings obtained from PCORI-funded studies. The Engagement Awards support projects that focus on laying the groundwork for D&I of PCOR/CER results, with a focus on strengthening the infrastructure and relationships necessary to actively disseminate and implement PCORI-funded research results or products. Additionally, through the Engagement Award Initiative Notice, the Engagement Awards provide PCOR/CER Meeting and Conference Support to facilitate communication and dissemination of the findings—or emerging findings—from PCORI or related studies to a targeted, essential end-user audience.

Presenters in this webinar provided background on PCORI’s D&I work as a whole, discussed each of the funding opportunities, shared summaries of selected projects from each program, and directed attendees to where they can find more resources on these programs. At the end of the webinar, presenters responded to questions from attendees about the awards programs and their requirements.

Inquiries about the webinar can be sent to Rachel Mosbacher: [email protected].

Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials