PCORI was pleased to join the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) and Center for Workforce Health and Performance (CWHP) to discuss employers' use of patient-centered research. During this webinar, leaders from three major employers discussed their perspective on how employers consider patient-centered research in the design and purchase of employee health benefits.

Topics included what patient-centered research is and what is available to employers from PCORI; how patient-centered evidence can be used to impact healthcare costs and quality; how employers can work effectively with their health plans; the need for linking broader outcomes, such as work absence and performance, to patient-centered evidence and the role of research in this need; and, identifying the issues and needs that employers see as relevant to maximizing the use of patient-centered evidence.


  • Tom Parry, PhD
    President Emeritus, IBI; President and Board Chair, CWHP


  • Lisa Woods
    Senior Director, US Health Care, Wal-Mart
  • Jeff White
    Director, Global Healthcare and Well Being, The Boeing Company
  • Lawrence Becker
    Former Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Xerox Corporation; member, PCORI Board of Governors

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