At its meeting on November 20, 2018, the Board approved $54 million to fund 12 new research studies comparing how well different treatments work in improving care for a range of conditions that impose high burdens on patients, caregivers and the healthcare system. Find out more about these approved studies, which include a Pennsylvania-based study on smoking cessation strategies and an Ohio-based study on inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatments.

The Board also approved three Dissemination and Implementation awards -- in California, North Carolina, and Washington -- designed to move evidence from PCORI-funded research studies toward practical use in improving health care and health outcomes. Additionally, the Board approved two funding announcements that open in January 2019 and focus on posttraumatic stress disorder in adults and age-related hearing loss.

All PCORI Board meetings are open to the public. This meeting was held via teleconference/webinar with no public comment period. 

Meeting Materials

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Approved Minutes of the November 20, 2018 Board Meeting