PCORI-funded study teams and other institutions have been grappling with engagement sustainability throughout the lifetime of a research project and beyond to institutional change and adoption of patient-centered practices. We discussed how PCORI is exploring promising engagement sustainability practices and methods in our Pipeline to Proposal Awards, Engagement Awards, and research projects. PCORI also aimed to gather questions from the audience about engagement sustainability to better understand how we can support study teams and the field of engaged research moving forward. We heard from two investigators and project partners who shared how they have worked together to sustain engagement at the project and institutional level. This webinar was recommended for PCOR study teams and stakeholder partners who are interested in learning more about engagement and sustainability.

Learning Objectives

Webinar participants:

  • Learned more about the conceptualization and operationalization of engagement sustainability in a research context;
  • Leveraged PCORI portfolio observations towards the planning and implementation of patient and stakeholder engagement sustainability practices;  
  • Learned how other researchers have collaborated with partners to sustain engagement throughout the lifetime of a project and effect institutional policy and practice.

Featured Projects & Speakers

  1. Does a Smartphone App Help Patients with Cancer Take Oral Chemotherapy as Planned?

Joseph A. Greer, PhD, MS, BS (Principal Investigator)
Clinical Director of Psychology and Research Scientist
Center for Psychiatric Oncology & Behavioral Sciences, Massachusetts General Hospital

  1. Partnering to Advance Pediatric Health Equity through Research Engagement

Anda Kuo, MD (Project Lead)
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
University of California San Francisco

Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials