Increasingly, patients are faced with health decisions that have many options, uncertain outcomes, and benefits and harms that are valued differently by each individual. There is no single right answer about how to proceed. Shared decision making recognizes the importance of having patients and providers work together to select tests and treatments, though more clarity is needed on what it means and how it is implemented in day‐to‐day care. This session will provide examples of shared decision making across the care continuum and across the lifespan. Panelists during this breakout session at the 2019 PCORI Annual meeting highlight how shared decision making includes evaluation of options based on care goals, concerns, and personal context of individuals.

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Angie Fagerlin, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Population Health Sciences
University of Utah
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Kathleen Tebb, PhD
Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine
Benioff Children's Hospital, University of California, San Francisco
Increasing Knowledge and Use of Birth Control among Latina Adolescents Using a Computer-Based App -- The Healthy-E You/Salud iTu Intervention
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Rosario Rico, MPH
Associate Program Director
The L.A. Trust for Children's Health

Jasvinder Singh, MD, MPH
Musculoskeletal Outcomes Research Endowed Professor
Board of Trustees, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Increasing Use of a Decision Aid about Immune-Blocking Medicines for People with Lupus
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Candace Green
Clinical Trial Specialist
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Kimberly Johnson, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Comparing Ways to Encourage and Improve End-of-Life Care Planning
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Ina Stern
Community Stakeholder

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