At its August 20, 2019 meeting, the Board approved $29.3 million to fund 11 studies comparing the best ways to prevent or treat a range of health conditions that impose high burdens on patients, caregivers and the healthcare system.

Among the projects are a $3.4 million Idaho-based project comparing two evidence-based approaches to suicide prevention of varying intensity, and a $4.2 million Arkansas-based project comparing two strategies for diabetes self-management education among patients with type 2 diabetes. The newly approved projects also include a $4.2 million Pennsylvania-based study examining three ways to remove kidney stones in children, a $2.7 million Indiana-based study on decision aids for colorectal cancer screening, and a $2.6 million Louisiana-based study that aims to identify the best way to reduce asthma triggers in the home and improve asthma outcomes in racial and ethnic minority children living in public housing. Find out more about the new awards here.

The Board also announced the selection of 23 people representing sectors from across the healthcare community to serve on PCORI’s five multi-stakeholder advisory panels. Learn more about the new members here.

All PCORI Board meetings are open to the public. This meeting was held via teleconference/webinar with no public comment period.

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