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PCORI is pleased to support the March 2019 Health Affairs theme issue on "Patients As Consumers." The issue offers an expansive look at consumers’ perceptions of and perspectives on their role in the health care system. Areas examined include patient engagement in choosing plans, providers, and treatment; payment and benefit models that encourage and support consumer participation; and consumer roles in research, organization, and governance of the health care system. At this briefing in Washington, DC, panels of authors—several of whom are associated with PCORI—presented their work and participated in discussions of other topics, such as Engaging In Care and Engaging In Research. Below, watch video interviews with several of the speakers/authors, as well as the full briefing.

PCORI-associated Speakers/Authors and Their Articles

PCORI-funded researcher M. Kate Bundorf (middle) participates in a panel discussion at the briefing. (Photo courtesy of Health Affairs)
PCORI-funded researcher Ming Tai-Seale delivers remarks at the briefing. (Photo courtesy of Health Affairs)

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The video playlist below includes interviews with briefing speakers and issue authors M. Kate Bundorf, Consuelo H. Wilkins, and Laura Forsythe.

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Watch a Periscope interview with speaker and PCORI-funded researcher Consuelo Wilkins, in which she discusses the factors that prevent everyone from having an equal opportunity for good health and the important role research plays in acknowledging those inequities.

Watch the Full Briefing

Find out more about this event, including the full list of speakers and discussion themes.
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