PCORI hosted a two-hour online edit-a-thon led by Jeffrey Keefer, PCORI’s Wikipedian-in-Residence. Wikipedia is a frequently used resource, accessed by patients and clinicians as well as the general public when they are looking for information on health care. While Wikipedia is an open resource and editable by anyone, there are many rules for how medical and scientific data can be shared. Wikipedia has tremendous potential for reaching both public and professional communities. As a result, it is important to edit Wikipedia with high-quality evidence from trustworthy sources.

This webinar provided an introduction to Wikipedia and why it is a highly utilized website, how basic Wikipedia editing works, and how the editing of medical and health-related articles is actively monitored at a higher standard. Participants began editing articles in real-time and the session ended with a debrief and suggested next steps and ongoing support. No previous editing of Wikipedia was expected of participants.

Members of the public were invited to participate in this session.

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