2022 PCORI Annual Meeting Breakout Session

The 2019 law reauthorizing PCORI’s funding clarified that PCORI-Funded studies should capture "the full range of clinical and patient-centered outcomes," specifically adding "the potential burdens and economic impacts" of healthcare services to the patient-centered outcomes and clinical effectiveness measures. PCORI is implementing the provision through an iterative process, updating its guidance to applicants on capturing data on the burdens and economic impacts within PCORI-Funded studies, and working with patients and stakeholder organizations to assure that PCORI’s guidance is fully informed by their input on patient-centered value. This session will discuss perspectives on the importance of capturing the full range of burdens and describe updates to PCORI’s award process to implement the provisions in the reauthorizing law.


Alan Balch, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
National Patient Advocate Foundation

Amanda Honeycutt, PhD, MA
Director, Health Economics Program
RTI International

David Kelley, MD, MPA
Chief Medical Officer, Office of Medical Assistance Programs and Office of Long-Term Living
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Greg Martin
Acting Chief Engagement and Dissemination Officer
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


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