Achieving health equity is one of PCORI’s National Priorities for Health. A key component of health equity research is social determinants of health (SDOH) data, which capture context and concepts including social, economic, physical infrastructure, and education. These data can be both self-reported by patients (e.g., employment, housing, food availability), and population-level measures (e.g., community safety, environmental conditions). While it is widely recognized by healthcare systems, community organizations, researchers, and other stakeholders that these data are essential for understanding and addressing healthcare inequities, the routine collection, standardization, and use of these data is not yet realized. This session highlighted PCORI-funded work that supports comparative clinical effectiveness research and patient-centered outcomes research, methods, and research infrastructure related to SDOH data needed to advance health equity.

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Breakout Speaker

Mary Charlson, M.D.

  • William T. Foley Distinguished Professor in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine
Breakout Speaker

Patricia Keenan, MHS, Ph.D.

  • Senior Researcher, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Breakout Speaker

Nik Koscielniak, Ph.D., MPH

  • Program Officer, PCOR Infrastructure and Innovation Program, PCORI
Breakout Speaker

Keith Marsolo, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine
Breakout Speaker

Maritza Martinez

  • Community Health Worker, Case Manager, Patient