Applicants who submitted a successful Letter of Intent for the following Cycle 3 2023 Research PCORI Funding Announcements and are invited to submit a full proposal should do so by January 9, 5:00 p.m. ET.


Telehealth to Optimize Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions Among Vulnerable Populations in Primary Care

This PFA is seeking to fund research studies that focus on different approaches to incorporating access to and use of telehealth to optimize management of multiple chronic conditions in primary care, particularly among vulnerable populations.

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Healthy Aging: Optimizing Physical and Mental Functioning Across the Aging Continuum

This PFA is seeking to fund research studies that focus on optimizing physical and mental functioning for community-dwelling older adults and their caregivers. Applications should focus on different phases of the aging continuum and aim to achieve one or more of the following four goals: maintaining function and independence; facilitating chronic disease management; supporting individuals with functional impairment; and reducing caregiving burden and improving caregiver quality of life.

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Phased Large Awards for Comparative Effectiveness Research (PLACER)

This PFA is seeking to fund research studies that will address critical decisions faced by patients, caregivers, clinicians, and stakeholders across the health and healthcare community and for which there is insufficient evidence. The proposed trials should address critical decisional dilemmas that require important new evidence about the comparative clinical effectiveness of available interventions. They should also compare interventions that already have robust evidence of efficacy and are in current use.

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Broad Pragmatic Studies

The 2023 Broad Pragmatic Studies funding opportunities incorporates PCORI's National Priorities for Health and Board of Governors-approved Topic Themes. This Cycle 3 2023 PFA includes a Category 3 option to fund PCORnet® Studies, which use PCORnet to advance PCORI's National Priorities for Health. All applications must align the proposed research with at least one of the four National Priorities for Health described within the PFA. Applicants also have the option to choose up to three Topic Themes based on how their proposed research aligns with the themes.

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Improving Methods for Conducting Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

Through this PFA, PCORI is seeking to fund studies that address high-priority methodological gaps in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and clinical comparative effectiveness research (CER). This PFA will also fund studies that address important methodological gaps and lead to improvements in the strength and quality of evidence generated by PCOR and CER studies. The PFA includes four areas of programmatic priorities.

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Advancing the Science of Engagement

The PFA is seeking to fund studies that build an evidence base on engagement in research, including measures to capture structure/context, process, and outcomes of engagement in research; techniques that lead to effective engagement in research; and how effective engagement techniques should be modified and resourced for different contexts, settings, and communities to ensure equity in engagement and research.

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