Key Dates

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) Deadline:
    Apr. 4, 2024; 5 p.m. (ET)
  • LOI Status Notification:
    Within 60 calendar days of LOI deadline
  • Application Deadline:
    Jul. 10, 2024
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This Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support funding opportunity supports projects that include multi-stakeholder convenings, meetings and conferences. These must align with PCORI’s mission and help expand patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER). All proposed projects must show how they will expand patient-centered CER. (Previous funding announcements used the term “PCOR/CER.”)

You may propose projects that will last up to one year and cost up to $125,000.

Your project must focus on one of two funding tracks—Convening Around Patient-Centered CER or Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings—and you will self-select the focus at the time of LOI submission.

  • Convening Around Patient-Centered CER: These projects promote discussion of research topics, questions and engagement plans for patient-centered CER.
  • Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings: These projects communicate results from eligible PCORI-funded studies to a targeted, essential end-user audience through a convening or series of convenings as the primary method for active dissemination.


Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support, Cycle: April 2024, LOI deadline: April 4, 2024. Award Total Costs Up to $125,000, Maximum project period up to 1 year

This recording introduces the April 2024 Cycle Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support PCORI Funding Announcement. To view or download the slides, click here.

Engagement Award Program Information

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) plans to award up to $25 million in fiscal year 2025 as part of the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program. This program supports projects that encourage active, meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders as integral members of the patient-centered CER enterprise. This program is not a research funding opportunity.

About Patient-Centered CER
  • Comparative clinical effectiveness research, or CER is is research which compares two or more medical treatments, services or health practices to help patients and other healthcare stakeholders make better-informed decisions. Comparing two or more interventions distinguishes CER from other types of clinical research.
  • Patient-centered CER compares outcomes that matter most to patients and other healthcare stakeholders. Engaging patients, caregivers, clinicians, insurers and other healthcare community members throughout the research process is at the core of PCORI’s patient-centered approach. (In previous funding announcements, the term “PCOR/CER” was used.)

Stakeholder Convening Support Funding Opportunity Overview

PCORI seeks to fund projects that allow patients, community groups and/or other stakeholders to hold convenings, meetings and conferences that:

  • Promote discussion of patient-centered CER.
  • Share patient-centered CER engagement methods.
  • Disseminate PCORI-funded research results.
  • Plan for future patient-centered CER.

Projects must bring stakeholders together around a shared focus. This can include geography, a health condition or a population. The meetings should explore patient-centered CER issues or communicate PCORI-funded research findings to targeted end-user audiences. PCORI welcomes applications on a range of health topics. These projects must have a focus on, and commitment to, supporting collaboration around patient-centered CER.

Funding Track Overview

For this funding opportunity, organizations must propose one of the following:

  1. Convening Around Patient-Centered CER. These projects facilitate discussion on research topics, questions and engagement plans for patient-centered CER.
  2. Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings. These projects communicate results from eligible PCORI-funded studies to a targeted, essential end-user audience through a convening or series of convenings as the primary method for active dissemination.

Key Points for the Engagement Award April 2024 Funding Cycle

  • Applicants for an Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support award must focus on one of two funding tracks. They are Convening Around Patient-Centered CER and Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings.
  • If you are invited to submit a full proposal, you will complete a Project Workplan and Timeline template for the chosen funding track.

Funding Track Details: Convening Around PCOR/CER

Convening Around Patient-Centered CER projects are intended to facilitate discussion around the development of research topics, questions and engagement plans for patient-centered CER. Projects should address key issues relating to patient-centered CER; they may also help create new approaches. Projects may explore potential topics for patient-centered CER with patients or other stakeholders. Meeting organizers must have a clear audience for the topic.

All meetings under this funding track, no matter the health topic, should include one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Facilitating Discussion Around Development of Topics, Questions and Engagement Plans for Patient-Centered CER:
    • Addresses key issues in patient-centered CER engagement or creates new engagement approaches.
    • Explores potential topics for patient-centered CER with patients, caregivers, clinicians and other relevant healthcare stakeholders. Meeting organizers must have a clear audience.
  • Sharing Engagement Methods and Fostering Partnerships:
    • Shares knowledge of effective and/or evidence-based engagement methods in patient-centered CER with wider audiences.
    • Fosters patient-centered CER-focused multi-stakeholder collaborations by developing partnerships for future engagement in patient-centered CER and/or exploring new opportunities for knowledge transfer, dissemination and/or implementation.
  • Convening Around the Life Cycle of Patient-Centered CER, Including Strategies for Dissemination:
    • Shares information about population or condition specific areas in the PCORI-funded research portfolio (active or completed) to solicit feedback and suggestions for future research.
    • Identifies PCORI-funded research findings of interest for dissemination and developing strategies for future targeted dissemination.

Funding Track Details: Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings

PCORI intends for Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-funded Research Findings projects to communicate results from eligible PCORI-funded studies—on their own or as part of the body of existing evidence relevant to the research findings—to a targeted, essential end-user audience. Convening organizers must address the proposed convening activities as part of an essential strategy for increasing the uptake of findings that have important potential impact on clinical practice, including the important role of the audience.

Unlike the dissemination opportunities offered under the Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative funding announcement, these activities under the Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support funding announcement are focused principally on a convening or series of convenings as the primary method for actively disseminating the eligible research findings (See section below for details around eligibility).

Evidence Eligible for Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings Projects

Only the following sources of PCORI-funded research findings may be proposed as the basis for convening around dissemination of research findings under this award. All evidence proposed from the sources below will be considered by reviewers in the context of the proposed project concept. Not all evidence proposed may be found acceptable by reviewers.

  • PCORI-funded patient-centered CER Results. Papers published in a peer-reviewed journal resulting from PCORI-funded research studies that present primary patient-centered CER results.
    • Note: This link goes to a pre-filtered list of published primary patient-centered CER results. Only those publications already listed on the page with the “CER Results” filter in place are eligible. Please do not reset the filter on the results.
  • PCORI-funded Systematic Reviews and Systematic Review Updates. Evidence around specific clinical questions produced by analyzing published and unpublished results from all relevant studies on a given topic.
  • PCORI Evidence Updates. Briefs highlighting some of the important findings from PCORI-funded research studies in a plain-language format for patients and other stakeholders.

Applicants who plan to convene around dissemination of research findings will be required to include as part of their full proposal (if invited) a letter of support demonstrating acknowledgment and/or support from the PI—or another member of the original research team who played a significant role—of each PCORI-funded patient-centered CER study whose published primary patient-centered CER findings are being disseminated in the project (applicable for the dissemination of PCORI-funded patient-centered CER results only).

More information about evidence eligibility can be found in the full announcement. Please contact the Engagement Award Program at prior to LOI submission for questions regarding evidence eligibility.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders include patients, their families, caregivers, organizations that represent patients, clinicians, community members, healthcare purchasers, payers, industry, hospital and other health systems, policy makers and training institutions.

PCORI Communities

Patients and other stakeholders who have a connection to, expertise in or lived experience related to the focus area and patient-centered CER should be partners in the project. Projects should include shared leadership and planning teams. The stakeholder groups must be engaged throughout the project. This includes developing the LOI and full proposal planning and participating in the project and evaluating and sharing project results.

You must submit letters of support from partners, including patients and/or stakeholders, with your full proposal.

Project Outputs

All meetings must produce at least one deliverable. It should encourage project collaborators to take part in and/or disseminate patient-centered CER in the future. It may be a research agenda and/or prioritized research questions that meeting participants and project stakeholders agree on.

Examples include:

  • Strategic plans and/or road maps for future patient-centered CER
  • Ways for patients and other stakeholders to engage in patient-centered CER after the project period
  • Summaries of research topics, priorities and research agendas, including the processes used to identify and prioritize the information
  • Dissemination strategies for research evidence and demonstrated success of proposed efforts

You must develop and share a summary of the meeting(s). The summary must state what happened at the event and offer plans for future action.

You are expected to include plans describing how you will sustain the work started at the meeting. These plans may be preliminary.

National Priorities for Health, Topic Themes and Special Areas of Interest

PCORI’s funding announcements align with our National Priorities for Health and Topic Themes. The goal is to make sure funded projects address the health and healthcare challenges facing the nation today and in the years ahead. PCORI welcomes Engagement Award LOIs on any topic that meets the Engagement Award Program guidelines, but please be aware of the following National Priorities for Health, Topic Themes, and Special Areas of Interest when developing your application:

  • National Priorities for Health. These are PCORI’s goals that focus on impact, guiding our research funding and other initiatives to improve patient care and health outcomes. The priorities were developed with input from stakeholders.
  • Topic Themes. These address specific populations, health behaviors and health conditions. Populations of interest include older adults, children and youth. The Topic Themes also address health conditions, including cardiovascular health, mental and behavioral health, pain management and sleep health, as well as health behaviors, such as substance use and violence and trauma. Four ongoing themes are preventing maternal morbidity and mortality, improving outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, addressing COVID-19 and addressing rare disease.
  • Applicant-Initiated Topics. This funding opportunity is not limited to the topics described above. PCORI welcomes all applications that meet Engagement Award Program guidelines. Topics should address healthcare issues important to patients, families, caregivers and the broader health and healthcare community.

Application Review Process

Applying for funding through this PFA is a two-step process. First you submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). Then you must be invited to submit a full proposal.

PCORI conducts rigorous review of the LOIs and full proposals it receives. PCORI may opt to withdraw LOIs and full proposals from the review process if they:

  • Are incomplete, are late or do not meet the criteria in the Engagement Award Submission Instructions, the PCORI templates and PCORI Online.
  • Do not follow the requirements in this PFA, include nonresponsive activity or do not meet PCORI’s programmatic criteria.

More information is available on the Engagement Award Review Process.

Related Engagement Award Opportunities

If you are interested in projects that build capacity and skills for patient-centered CER on a larger scale (and are not centered around a convening), see the Engagement Award: Capacity Building

For applicants interested in projects focused actively disseminating PCORI-funded research findings on a larger scale and not centered around a convening, please see the Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative.


Read the full announcement and Engagement Award Submission Instructions before you apply. Direct any questions to

To discuss a project idea with PCORI staff, submit a request for an EA Applicant Virtual Office Hours session.

PCORI aims to respond to all questions within two business days. However, it cannot promise a response within two business days before a deadline. Plan accordingly; please submit the LOI or full proposal by the deadlines.

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Key Dates

Online System Opens
Jan. 16, 2024
Letter of Intent Deadline
April 4, 2024, by 5 pm (ET)
Application Deadline
By invitation only; full proposals are due July 10, 2024, by 5 pm (ET)
Earliest Start Date
Dec. 1, 2024

Funds and Project Period

Total Costs
Award total costs may not exceed $125,000 (direct + indirect costs)
Maximum Project Period
One year

To Apply for This Opportunity

  1. Read the full funding announcement.
  2. Follow the process outlined in the Submission Instructions
  3. Submit an LOI.
  4. Submit a full proposal (if invited).

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