With this PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA), PCORI aims to fund studies that address high-priority methodological gaps in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and clinical comparative effectiveness research (CER).

PCORI seeks to fund projects that address important methodological gaps and lead to improvements in the strength and quality of evidence generated by PCOR/CER studies.

For the Cycle 3 2022 Methods PFA, PCORI has identified the following areas as programmatic priorities:

  • Methods to Improve the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Clinical Research
  • Methods to Improve Study Design
  • Methods to Support Data Research Networks
  • Methods Related to Ethical and Human Subjects Protections Issues in PCOR/CER

The programmatic priority for artificial intelligence and machine learning replaced the priority for “Methods to Improve the Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP)” as of Cycle 3 2020. This change signals PCORI’s broader interest in funding methodological research that seeks to improve how massive amounts of electronic health data from a variety of sources can be appropriately integrated and analyzed. Proposals should address mechanisms seeking to improve equitable, inclusive data collection and aggregation. NLP-related proposals will still be considered.

Standing 2022 Methods PFA

Starting with Cycle 1 2022, PCORI will post all submission materials for the Methods PFAs and open PCORI Online for the Letter of Intent (LOI) phase of application submission at the start of the Cycle Year (i.e. Cycles 1-3 of any given year). In addition to the PFAs, the Submission Instructions, applicant templates and resources, and cycle deadlines will also be posted on PCORI’s website and available in PCORI Online. Applicants may submit an LOI for any of the available cycles up until the LOI deadline for that cycle. PCORI will strive to make only necessary administrative updates to the Submission Instructions and applicant templates throughout the Cycle Year.

To maintain responsiveness to health research needs and stakeholder interests, PCORI may revise the details of a priority area, address policy changes, and add or remove Special Areas of Emphasis (SAEs) in a PFA. Announcement of any updates and any revised documents will be posted on PCORI’s website no later than four weeks before each cycle’s LOI deadline. PCORI will also clearly indicate on the PFA webpage if no changes have been made since the prior posting.

  • No changes have been made since the prior posting.

Key Dates

Applicant Town Hall
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Letter of Intent Deadline
Merit Review
Cycle 3: March 2023
Cycle 2: November 2022
Cycle 1: July 2022
Awards Announced
Cycle 3: July 2023
Cycle 2: March 28, 2023
Cycle 1: November 15, 2022
Earliest Start Date
Cycle 3: November 2023
Cycle 2: July 2023
Cycle 1: March 2023

Funds and Project Period

Funds Available Up To
$12 million
Total Direct Costs
Maximum Project Period
Three years


Award Types