Research Initiative Highlights

PCORI seeks to support the dissemination and implementation (D&I) of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) results and products attained from PCORI-funded studies. PCORI recognizes that the generation of research evidence will be useful only if there is a commitment and strategic plan to disseminate and implement it. This announcement is designed to give PCORI awardees and their patient and stakeholder partners the opportunity to help close the gap between evidence development and implementation of that evidence in practice.

Through this limited PFA, PCORI seeks to fund projects designed to actively disseminate and implement the research results and products using approaches that are informed and guided by established dissemination and implementation models and frameworks, in the context of real world settings. Successful applications will propose context appropriate strategies that address how research results and products are packaged, transmitted, interpreted, and delivered to diverse patient and stakeholder groups.

PCORI is interested in a number of diverse dissemination and implementation areas. Strategies proposed for disseminating and implementing PCORI results will vary widely based on the results and/or products being disseminated, the populations being targeted, and the goals of the dissemination and implementation effort. It is fully expected that investigators and their partners will identify unique and creative opportunities for active dissemination and implementation of their work outside of the outlined areas of interest. This limited funding announcement will not support projects dependent on passive dissemination strategies, such as untargeted mass mailing, publication of study findings, and untargeted presentations to heterogeneous groups.

The examples provided below are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive or prescriptive. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Translation and adaptation of the content or delivery mechanism of effective comparative effectiveness research (CER) results and products found effective to improve their penetration and use at the policy, health systems, clinical practice, caregiver, and patient levels
  • Development, demonstration, and evaluation of processes or products to incorporate PCORI research results into decision making settings for patients, providers, policy makers and other stakeholders
  • Translation, adoption, and dissemination of PCORI research results and products within the context of the existing body of evidence in the topic area targeted to one or more defined audiences of stakeholder groups with specialized needs (PCORI priority populations)
  • Demonstration of the capacity and ability to take research results and products found effective through PCORI research studies “to scale” in diverse settings and populations
  • De-implementing or reducing the use of strategies and procedures that are not evidence-based, have been prematurely widely adopted, or are harmful or wasteful, in place of evidence-based approaches.

PCORI conducts rigorous merit review of all responsive applications received. Please note that the merit review criteria for this announcement are different from those used when reviewing other PCORI research applications.


PCORI’s mission is to improve the quality and relevance of evidence available to help patients, caregivers, clinicians, employers, insurers, and policy makers make informed health decisions. We do this by funding and conducting highly relevant research that is likely to change practice and improve patient outcomes, and by disseminating and promoting the implementation of the results of this research in practice.

This PCORI Funding Announcement is provided to allow potential applicants additional time to identify collaborators, obtain stakeholder input on dissemination plans, and develop responsive, high-quality proposals.

Key Dates

Online System Opens
August 15, 2016
Letter of Intent Deadline
September 14, 2016
Application Deadline
December 19, 2016
Merit Review
March 2017
Earliest Start Date
October 2017

Funds and Project Period

Funds Available Up To

$2,000,000 per cycle

Total Direct Costs


Maximum Project Period

2 years