Returning Aggregate Research Results to Study Participants

Sharing the overall results of studies with study participants fulfills an important ethical responsibility to those who take part in research and acknowledges their contribution. PCORI is dedicated to facilitating the return of aggregate study results to participants enrolled in each funded research project

We ask that awardee institutions make every reasonable effort to ensure that study participants receive these results, which they helped make possible. Awardees can accomplish results return by providing participants with the lay language results summary PCORI prepares upon completion of the study. This summary is provided to the PI and posted to the PCORI website within 90 days from when PCORI accepts the final research report.

As of 2020, applicants for PCORI research funding can budget for up to $2500 to support results return. Awardees funded prior to 2020, with ongoing projects, may request up to $2500 to support return of their research findings upon study completion.

PCORI Policy for Data Management and Data Sharing

This policy calls for the researchers PCORI funds to share their data sets and documentation for reanalysis and reuse. The policy advances PCORI’s commitment to open science by encouraging use of data from the studies it funds to allow other researchers to verify and build on those findings to generate new evidence available to healthcare decision makers.

Guidance on the Design and Conduct of Trials in Real-World Settings: Factors to Consider in Pragmatic Patient Centered Outcomes Research

Comparative clinical effectiveness research is commonly performed in real-world settings that require thoughtful planning to balance the extent of experimental control with more naturalistic (or "pragmatic") study conduct. Applicants for PCORI funding and PCORI awardees should refer to this guidance for important factors in weighing whether and how pragmatic research features best serve the study question and purpose.

PCORI Public Access to Journal Articles Presenting Findings from PCORI-Funded Research

This policy assures broad access to these findings, improving the quality of information available to support decisions about health and health care as consistent with PCORI’s mandate. Under this policy, Awardees may request funds to cover the public access fees that journals charge. Awardees will also be asked to deposit their accepted manuscripts in PubMed Central, if the journal that is publishing their manuscript has not already done so.

PCORI Policy on Data and Safety Monitoring Plans for PCORI-Funded Research

This Policy outlines the requirements of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) for data and safety monitoring related to research funded by PCORI.

Guidelines for Use of PCORI Names and Logos

This document provides guidance and other related guidelines for proper usage of PCORI's names and logos.

Guidelines for Use of PCORnet Name and Logos

This document provides guidance and other related guidelines for proper usage of PCORnet’s name and logos.

Posted: April 27, 2018; Updated: May 19, 2023

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