Is the PCORI contract language negotiable? 

PCORI’s various contract mechanisms, which are tailored to the type of research conducted, have firm terms and conditions that are not subject to change or negotiation, with the exception of: 

  1. An article not permissible by state law. 

  1. An article that has a material adverse impact on the ability to enter into the contract. 

A subcontractor on a PCORI project is requesting edits to the contract between the prime institution and the subcontractor. Is the contract language negotiable? 

PCORI’s only relationship is that with the prime recipient institution. PCORI has no privity of contract with any of the prime recipient institution’s subcontractors. PCORI does not dictate what type of relationship or contract vehicle a prime recipient institution enters into with their subcontractor(s). 

PCORI does expect the prime recipient institution to ensure the terms and conditions of its prime contract with PCORI flow through and are enforced, with no conflict, in all contractual relationships (written and verbal) related to the performance of PCORI’s projects. 

How soon can I begin charging expenses to my award contract? 

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the contract.  

If a contract is not executed due to the funded recipient institution’s failure to comply with contract requirements, PCORI will not be held responsible for any incurred expenses. Additionally, PCORI reserves the right to deny any expenses incurred prior to the execution of the contract if the expense is not consistent with the approved budget. 

If there is a delay with the contract execution, will the period of performance be extended in equal measure? 

PCORI strives to adhere to the period of performance posted on PCORI website. If a delay in execution becomes inevitable during contract negotiations, PCORI will work with recipient institutions to adjust the period of performance and related milestones, if possible given the constraints. 

Posted: October 26, 2023

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