Can I request supplemental funds after my contract is awarded? 

PCORI does not accept unsolicited proposals for supplemental funding. In the event a PCORI program officer identifies an existing project that could generate beneficial data or results that were not included in the original budget, then additional funding to modify the project scope may be added through a formal contract modification. In such an event, the post-award contracts administrator will request a proposal and budget for the additional work.

Can patient participants be charged a co-pay to participate in a study intervention? Can this or other sources of revenue be used towards supporting the PCORI project? 

Recipient institution must obtain approval from their Institutional Review Board (IRB) and/or Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) to include co-pays or other activities that will generate revenue as a result of carrying out the PCORI project. Once IRB and/or DSMB approval is received, the activities and expected funds/revenue generated must be clearly outlined in the Proposal, Budget, and Budget Justification, and PCORI’s approval must be sought.  

Any generated revenues must be disclosed and offset against current project expenses thereby reducing the overall budget amount that can be collected from PCORI. Otherwise, the overall award amount would, in effect, increase and appear as program income or revenue-generating activities. 

IMPORTANT: PCORI is prohibited by its authorizing law from generating revenue or program income as a result of its funded research and cannot accept revenue from any source other than the PCORTF. 

Could a principal investigator list administrative staff as a direct cost? 

If the intended staff performs duties in direct relation to PCORI’s awarded project and their effort can be clearly and exclusively attributed to the PCORI project supported by way of time or effort reporting, then the recipient institution may charge that portion of their time and effort as a direct cost. Please refer to the PCORI Cost Principles for more information. 

Do I need to request carryover between budget years? 

No. Most PCORI projects are funded for multiple years, and the approved budgets cover the full project period of performance. PCORI does, however, reserve the right to stop and/or withdraw any project funding due to inadequate or delayed performance, as well as failure to expend funds in accordance with approved budget categories and milestone schedule. 

What if an awardee does not have a federally negotiated or privately audited indirect cost rate? 

If an institution has a negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA), then PCORI will accept the NICRA until its time of expiration. 

If an institution has no rate agreement or independent rate verification by a certified public accountant, then PCORI will allow a 10% default rate. 

In no event shall PCORI be invoiced for any expenses related to establishing such a rate, be it through an independent audit or activities in preparation for a federally established rate. 

What if I want to spend funds differently than indicated in my proposal or award budget? 

Awardees should contact their PCORI contract administrator for guidance. 

What indirect cost rate should awardees use in their budget? 

Please reference PCORI's Cost Principles and relevant PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA) Submission Instructions, in addition to contacting your PCORI contract administrator. 

Where do I upload a new budget request and a final version of the protocol? 

Please contact your contract administrator for budget guidance and your program officer regarding the protocol. 

Is it ok to reallocate funds from Travel to Personnel and Stakeholder contracts for a budget-neutral change? 

Please contact your contract administrator for guidance. 

I'm working on setting up a sub-award/sub-contract for this funding. Are Facilities and Administrative costs or indirects allowed? 

Contact your contract administrator for additional guidance. 

Can leftover funding be spent for the same purpose of the project after completion of the project? Or should the unspent (leftover) budget be returned to PCORI if not spent during project lifecycle? 

Please refer to the contract terms and conditions and contact your contract administrator for guidance. 

Having unspent or leftover funds would typically only occur with cost reimbursement contracts, which are paid as costs are incurred and invoiced. Firm fixed price contracts have fixed payments that are based on a milestone payment schedule upon completion of specific deliverables. 

Noting that Personnel and Travel must have prior approval to rebudget if greater than 25%, is the 25% calculated by the category itself or the total budget? Is there a limitation on rebudget of category aside from Personnel or Travel? 

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the contract and contact your contract administrator for additional guidance. 

Posted: October 31, 2023

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