If a Fast-Track Resubmission invitation is received, when is it possible to speak with a program officer about the summary statement for the original application? 

As soon as a Fast-Track Resubmission invitation is received, it will be possible to speak with a PCORI program officer.  To request a meeting, please send an email to [email protected]

Can Fast-Track Resubmission offers be deferred to another cycle?  

No, applicants are not permitted to defer a Fast-Track Resubmission offer and must submit in the cycle noted in their letter. If an applicant does not wish to utilize this offer and bypass the Letter of Intent (LOI) phase, they may choose to resubmit a LOI in a future cycle. All resubmissions, unless otherwise specified, require submission of an LOI. 

If an application is invited to be submitted through the Fast-Track Resubmission pilot, is it required to be re-submitted?  

No, invitations to participate in the pilot can be declined. The deadline to decide whether to ACCEPT OR DECLINE the invitation will be indicated in the Fast-Track Resubmission invitation letter. If the decision is made not to accept the invitation, an LOI may be resubmitted in a future cycle.  

If an application is selected to participate in the Fast-Track Resubmission pilot, is it still under consideration for funding for the original funding cycle to which it was submitted?  

No, the application is no longer under consideration for funding. A formal notice regarding application status will be sent after all funding decisions have been completed.  

If the Fast-Track Resubmission invitation is accepted, does the investigator upload the same application materials again to PCORI Online? 

No. PCORI will create a new application record for investigators to edit in the new cycle to which the application will be resubmitted. You will need to download the new cycle’s application templates and upload them to your new application record. 

What is the Fast Track Resubmission pilot and how are applications selected to participate? 

This initiative allows selected applicants to revise and resubmit their application to the next available application due date, which enables them to bypass the LOI phase of the application process. This permits certain applicants to revise and resubmit their application one cycle earlier than our traditional funding processes. Eligible applicants are selected at PCORI’s discretion and invited by PCORI to participate at the time of release of summary statements. Applicants may not apply for Fast-Track Resubmission. 

In order to be considered by PCORI for Fast-Track Resubmission, applications must meet the following criteria:  

  • Addresses a priority area within the research portfolio. 

  • Scored better than 50 at the Merit Review panel meeting. 

  • Submitted to a PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA) offered in subsequent cycles (e.g., the Broad Pragmatic Studies PFA, Methods PFA, Science of Engagement PFA, or PLACER PFA)  


Posted: September 1, 2023

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