Whom Should I Contact If I Have Questions or Concerns Regarding Information Provided in My Summary Statement? 

Email [email protected] or to schedule time to discuss review questions or concerns with a program officer. 

What Information Is Included in My Summary Statement? 

Statements for undiscussed applications include: 

  • Evaluations written by assigned reviewers during the preliminary phase. 

Statements for discussed applications include: 

  • Evaluations written by assigned reviewers during the preliminary phase. 

  • Final average overall score from the in-person panel. 

  • Discussion notes from the full panel discussion. 

  • Scoring quartile*  

Quartiles are provided to inform an applicant’s relative position to other applications in the PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA) to which they applied, but do not inform funding decisions, as programs do not consider quartile information. Quartiles are also more informative for applicants than raw percentiles, as PCORI does not use a “pay line” or “funding line.”   

*Please note that not all PFAs include Quartile Scoring. 

When Will I Receive My Summary Statement? 

Summary statements will be released to applicants approximately two weeks before award announcement.  

How Was the Average Overall Score for My Application Calculated? 

The average overall score is the final average score the application received if your application moved forward to the in-person discussion. The assigned reviewers (along with all other panel members) score applications using the scoring scale of 1 (best score) through 9 (poorest score). The full panel’s final overall scores are averaged then multiplied by 10, resulting in the score included in your summary statement. The top score is a 10 and the lowest is a 90. We do not currently release any information about how other discussed applications fared. 

Will I Receive a Score If My Application Was Discussed? 

If your application was discussed at the in-person review, you will receive an average overall score and discussion notes from the panel discussion by the day of award announcements. 

Will I Receive a Score If My Application Was Reviewed? 

If your application was reviewed but not discussed during the in-person phase, you will not receive an average overall score. 

What Are PCORI’s Merit Review Criteria? 

PCORI’s Merit Review criteria are outlined here

What Do the Numbers on the Scoring Scale Mean? 

During the preliminary review and the in-person panel review, reviewers use a nine-point scale to assign criterion scores, initial overall scores, and final overall scores (see the image below for more details). Letters of Intent are not scored. 



PCORI merit review scale

In What Format Do Reviewers View the Application? 

Reviewers view the entire application in PDF format. 

Do Patients and Stakeholders Participate in the Review Process? 

Yes. PCORI’s Merit Review process includes patient, stakeholder and scientific reviewers. 

Who Is Involved in the Merit Review Process? 

As part of “research done differently,” PCORI includes patients, caregivers and other healthcare stakeholders in reviewing funding applications. In merit review panels, each reviewer’s score weighs equally to ensure that patients’ and other stakeholders’ perspectives are heard. See Become a Merit Reviewer for more information. 

Posted: September 1, 2023

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