Are there any guidelines about when a project can start?  

The latest possible start date for a project should be no later than three months after the contract is executed.  

Is an awardee receiving PCORI funding subject to federal audit requirements in relation to that particular PCORI award?  

No. The awardee, at their own discretion, may choose to include a PCORI award in A-133 or other audit testing. PCORI is subject to oversight by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). The GAO and PCORI may choose to audit a recipient on a random basis or because of a concern, and commission a third-party audit of a recipient. If so, the recipient must provide access to all contract and financial records, documents, files, and other materials related to the funded research project. Awardees are also required to make project staff and subcontract staff available for interviews or discussions, and allow the facilities and PCORI-funded equipment to be inspected within a reasonable time and no later than 30 days following a request by PCORI or the GAO. 

When are recipients of PCORI funding able to start incurring costs for their project? 

For cost-reimbursable contracts, costs may be incurred up to 90 days prior to the start date of the contract, but no earlier than the date the award was approved by PCORI's executive director.  

Can an award be transferred from one organization to another? 

All transfers must be approved by PCORI. The process is dependent upon the stage of the application or award. Applicants or awardees should contact PCORI at  

How are award announcements made? 

Please refer to the PFA. PCORI will send announcements about the funding decisions via email. 

What are the requirements for the various components of modification requests for research plans, budget, milestones, and key personnel? 

Please refer to the PFA Requirements for the application. 

If a statistician with a supporting role on a PCORI contract transfers institutions, does the contract application need to be resubmitted? If the statistician continues to work on the project after transferring to another institution, how does one need to transfer that salary support? 

Please contact your Contract Administrator for additional guidance. 


Posted: September 12, 2023; Updated: October 26, 2023

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