PCORI invites scientists, patients, and other stakeholders, to serve as merit reviewers of applications submitted for PCORI funding. By participating in this vital area of our funding process, reviewers help PCORI to fulfill its promise of research done differently.

All reviewers, whether scientists, patients, or other stakeholders, are crucial to the thorough and in-depth review of PCORI funding applications and contribute a perspective that enhances the quality of the review. The dynamic discussions at the in-person review meetings help support PCORI’s mission to fund research and related projects that are rigorous and useful for patients, their families, and the healthcare community.

The following videos capture experiences and insights from our diverse community of reviewers and will help provide information to those interested in learning more about PCORI Merit Reviewers.

Doreen Stakor: Patient

Paul Wallace: Stakeholder

Jean Raphael: Scientist and Chair

Daniel Mullins: Scientist and Chair

Tilicia Mayo-Gamble: Patient

Georgia Narsavage: Stakeholder

Aimee Kendall Roundtree: Patient

Mike Jones: Scientist

For more information, please visit our Merit Review Process page or contact us at [email protected].

Posted: September 10, 2014; Updated: November 19, 2019

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