PCORI seeks a Contractor who can analyze results from public comment periods. The Contractor shall provide result analysis services for the public comment period. For the public comment period for the Report, PCORI will actively solicit input from researchers, but a key element of the public comment period is also soliciting input from non-researchers. PCORI will specifically contract for the analysis of the non- researcher comments. This analysis will take place in parallel to and coordinated with the analysis of the researcher comments by another vendor. Non-researcher input is critical, both to communicate PCORI’s commitment to engaging the public in all of its scientific endeavors, and ensure that input received can improve the quality and usefulness of the Report -- not just for the research community but for every other stakeholder group that may be involved in PCORI-funded work and/or that may apply for PCORI funding.

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Selected Contractor

Awardee:  American Institutes for Research
Amount:  $184,330.00

Posted: October 3, 2012; Updated: July 2, 2014

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