Five Pipeline Award Program Offices (PAPOs) support the Pipeline to Proposal initiative by providing awardees with guidance and technical assistance.

Four of the program offices provide regional support:

The National Network of Public Health Institutes, based in Washington, DC, and New Orleans, serves as a national program office, assisting with projects that extend beyond a single region.

The PAPOs also assist in administering the initiative, managing the portfolio, and fulfilling operational, programmatic, and fiscal duties.

Specific duties include

  • Assisting awardees in developing communities, creating infrastructure, making strategic plans, and reporting progress
  • Assisting PCORI in its evaluations of awardees
  • Sharing  lessons learned as the projects progress and helping awardees solve problems collaboratively
  • Expanding PCOR across the country by tapping into regional knowledge and networks of organizations experienced in local, regional, and national health advocacy

Each of the PAPOs has experience in public health, healthcare, or research, as well as capacity building and award management.

Posted: February 17, 2017; Updated: January 24, 2017

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