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A group of people of mixed races seated at a table in a discussion: Methodology Commitee Nominations Due June 28, 2022 at 5pm ET

Areas of Expertise

  • Analysis of potential burdens and economic impacts to patients and caregivers
  • Bioethics
  • Data science and informatics
  • Decision science
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engagement science, including communitybased participatory research
  • Health literacy/numeracy and risk communication
  • Implementation science, including health system science
  • Program evaluation
  • Research rigor and reproducibility
  • Social determinants of health
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The PCORI Board of Governors has issued a call for nominations to fill seats on the PCORI Methodology Committee.

PCORI is seeking new members with expertise in the scientific fields described in its Authorizing Law, as well as new and emerging areas. (see box on right)

Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the committee must complete the nomination form and upload all required supporting documentation. Individuals nominated by an individual or organization must complete their own nomination and upload the letter of support from the third party, where indicated on the nomination form.

The call for nominations closes on Friday, July 29, 5 pm ET.

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About the Methodology Committee
PCORI has funded hundreds of patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research studies comparing health options to learn which works best, given patients’ circumstances and preferences.

The work of the Methodology Committee serves to advance PCORI’s new strategic plan, which incorporates a holistic approach to generating and disseminating patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research, including National Priorities for Health, Research Agenda and Principles for a Research Project Agenda, Engagement, Dissemination and Implementation, and Infrastructure.

Posted: June 1, 2022; Updated: June 27, 2022

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