New innovations in health care are being continuously evaluated and incorporated into practice. PCORI's emerging topics reports and horizon scans can help inform stakeholders about new innovations to better inform their health care choices. The Health Care Horizon Scanning System monitors evidence, and the Emerging Technology and Therapeutics Reports assess evidence.

Evidence Visualizations

Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Care

From self-driving cars to smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI) has already changed many aspects of human life. Some areas of health care, such as the analysis of medical images, are already benefiting from AI. But the role of AI in the health sector is still not clear. These visualizations, which have been designed to obtain a better understanding of the applications of AI in health care and of the available evidence about their benefits, can be used to explore two related sets of questions:

  • What types of applications of AI to health care are already available or are expected to be available in the next five years?
  • What type of evidence is available on the benefits and the accuracy of these application?

Explore the uses of artificial intelligence by study details, such as health condition, FDA clearance, health care function, or intended user.

View the AI in Clinical Care Visualization

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