Including a video on how to navigate this evidence map and visualization

The size of the bubble indicates the number of scientific publications that cover these comparisons. Click on a bubble to see more details. Although this visual documents all eligible studies reporting on a variety of outcomes, subsequent graphics explore benefits and harms only for all-cause mortality, prostate-cancer mortality, urinary function, bowel function, and sexual function. These outcomes were selected because they are of high interest to physicians and patients. View data on other outcomes, and see which specific comparisons have evidence for these outcomes and which do not on this evidence heat map.

Methodology (Summary Report)

View the summary report for this evidence visualization.

Suggested Citation

Viswanathan M, Patel S, Reddy S, et al. Comparing Treatments for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer: Review and Evidence Visualization. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; December 2020. Prepared by RTI under Contract No. IDIQ-TO#11-RTI-EVIDENCEMAPAMPTESP.

Additional Information

To view a tutorial on how to navigate this evidence map and visualization, watch this video.

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