This approach uses statistical methods to combine published or unpublished study findings to produce estimates of an intervention’s effect and to illustrate how consistent and strong the effect is across the research. Meta-analyses typically summarize the average treatment effect for the entire study population.

Individual Participant-level Data (IPD) Meta-analysis

Evaluating Progestogen for Prevention of Preterm Birth International Collaborative (EPPPIC): Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

This approach obtains and synthesizes all relevant measured characteristics of each participant in multiple related studies. It is a powerful method to identify the ways in which treatments may have varying benefits and risks for people with different characteristics. It is a way to see whether treatments should be targeted for use in specific groups of individuals. It is also an important method to reconcile differences between studies examining the same treatments that have conflicting results. We have to date awarded one IPD meta-analysis.

Project Details

Principal Investigator: Lesley Stewart, PhD, MSc
Organization: University of York
State/Country: United Kingdom

Posted: June 13, 2019

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