Highlights of PCORI-Funded Research Results


A growing number of our funded research studies are now producing important results that are being summarized in leading medical journals and presented at major scientific meetings. Here are some of those studies and their findings.

The use of mobile phones to deliver interventions can help improve access to care for people with serious mental illness
Video house calls are a convenient way for people with Parkinson’s disease to receive care
Most adults can safely delay surgery for at least three months by taking antibiotics
Gastric bypass surgery yields greatest weight loss
Patient decision aid helps in making informed decisions about screenings
Findings Help Men Choose Among Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
For Earaches and Strep Throat in Kids, Narrow-spectrum Antibiotics are Better than Broad
Association between Weight Gain and Use of Antibiotics in Early Childhood Is Slight
Engaging Parents in Hospital Rounds to Improve Communication and Ensure Patient Safety
Increasing the Chances That Hospital Patients Get Drugs to Avoid Blood Clots
Facilitating Goal Planning among Spanish-Speaking Patients with Serious Illnesses
Online Care as Effective as In-Person Visits for Managing Chronic Skin Condition
Shared Decision Making Helps Even in Decisions Related to Advanced Heart Failure
Disadvantaged Patients with Chronic Pain Benefit from Simplified Nondrug Therapies
For Many With the Condition, Daily Finger Sticks Offer Little Value
Decision Aid Produces "Win-Win-Win" for Patients, Providers, and Payers
Initiative Works to Reduce Risky Opioid Prescribing

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