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What does patient-centered research look like in the field? These short features provide a glimpse into the workings of the studies and projects we support. Hear from researchers what it’s like to partner with patients and other stakeholders, and from patients about being part of a research team.

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Can Telehealth Improve Care?

Telehealth has the potential to provide access to care for a wide variety of populations that are now underserved. Two PCORI-funded studies are using telehealth in different ways to test its potential.

Using a Video to Empower Patients Facing Major Surgery

How can patients about to undergo major surgery effectively communicate their wishes for postoperative care? Feedback from patients, family members, and surgeons led researchers to revise their plan for testing a tool to promote advance care planning.

Do You Hear What I'm Saying?

Everyone agrees on the importance of effective communication between patients and their healthcare providers, but it’s hard to improve what you can’t measure. Researchers are developing a survey to assess this foundation of patient-centered care.

Prostate Cancer: Voices of Experience

Patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer have to make difficult decisions about their care. Men who have been there join Vanderbilt University researchers to personalize information on treatment outcomes.

Mejorando La Calidad de Vida Para Latinas con Cáncer de Seno

La mayoría de Latinas con cáncer de seno enfrenten más desafíos en manejar su enfermedad que la poblacion general. Una investigadora esta estudiando si grupos de apollo con relevancia cultural pueden mejorar la vida de estas mujeres - y de sus cuidadores.

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