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About HSII

Key Dates

The Health Systems Implementation Initiative (HSII) is a new multiyear PCORI initiative to advance the uptake of practice-changing comparative clinical effectiveness research results in care delivery settings.

Through HSII, PCORI will provide funding to HSII Participant healthcare delivery systems to undertake implementation projects to actively advance the adoption of new evidence. These projects will have the goal of promoting the uptake of specific PCORI-funded evidence in practice. PCORI’s Board of Governors has committed an initial investment of up to $50 million to support implementation under HSII.

HSII is intended to facilitate lasting change within participating systems and lay groundwork for broader adoption of evidence-based practices.

The HSII Participants

As of March 2, 2023

On March 2, 2023, PCORI announced the 42 health systems selected to participate in HSII. HSII Participants collectively represent 800 hospitals serving 79 million patients across 41 states and the District of Columbia.

They include academic medical centers, community-based systems, integrated healthcare delivery and finance systems, safety net health systems, faith-based systems, public healthcare delivery systems, and a medical center within the Veterans Health Administration.

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Funding Opportunities

HSII Implementation Projects

On October 31, 2023, PCORI issued the first Call for Proposals for HSII Implementation Projects, providing HSII Participants the opportunity to propose projects to promote the uptake of specific PCORI-funded evidence within their healthcare delivery settings. HSII Participants may visit the HSII FAQs and HSII funding announcement page for more information.

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HSII Capacity Building Projects

In June 2023, PCORI awarded funding to HSII Participants to support health systems’ efforts to prepare for HSII Implementation Projects. Please explore the project pages for more information on each HSII Participant’s Capacity Building Project.

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Posted: November 4, 2021; Updated: January 2, 2024

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