Health Systems Implementation Initiative

HSII Implementation Projects

Key Dates

When will PCORI release the first Call for Proposals (CFP) for HSII Implementation Projects?

PCORI released the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects on Oct. 31, 2023. HSII Project Leads and other HSII colleagues received an email from PCORI with a link to the CFP and instructions for submitting a proposal in PCORI Online. If you did not receive this email, please email [email protected] as soon as possible. Please refer to the CFP for full details regarding this funding opportunity, including key dates, budget levels, the review process and submission instructions.

Participating Care Delivery Sites

The CFP indicates that allowable budgets are based upon the number of participating care delivery sites. What counts as an individual care delivery site? 

“Care delivery site” refers to an organizational unit that has the main role in managing the patient’s care with respect to the condition the intervention/program is addressing. Recognizing there is complexity and variation across health systems, in general, individual care delivery sites will be characterized by an organizational structure that includes clinicians, support staff and an administrative leader/manager whose work is co-located and organized as a team. Site clinicians and staff may be physically or virtually co-located. A single practicing clinician (e.g., doctor, advanced practice provider) does not constitute a site.

A participating care delivery site need not be solely responsible for delivering all components of the intervention or program, but should bear primary responsibility for managing the patient’s care. Intervention/program delivery may involve referring to or coordinating with other services within or outside the health system (e.g., programs, centers, counseling services), but these programs, centers or service locations will not be considered participating care delivery sites.

PCORI recognizes that care delivery sites will vary in size (e.g., by number of clinicians at one practice, by patient volume), and, as mentioned, in their approach to delivery of the program or intervention. Applicants should fully describe relevant considerations such as these when justifying their requested budgets. 

Does telehealth count as a distinct care delivery site?

If a care delivery site exclusively offers services via telehealth, then it may be considered a care delivery site. If telehealth is, instead, another care delivery mode of clinicians already participating as part of their care delivery site (e.g., their participating practice or clinic), telehealth would not be considered a separate site. 

May we include care delivery sites that are outside of our health system (e.g., affiliated practices, community-based organizations)? 

Yes, with strong justification. In the LOI and proposal, it will be important to convey: 

  • Your health system’s existing relationship with these sites (including any agreements, arrangements or other mechanisms guiding the relationship).
  • The advantages of working with these sites.
  • The sites’ role(s) in delivering components of the intervention/program.
  • Commitments from these sites to undertake implementation and sustain these activities after the proposed project is completed.

Evidence Topics

What topics did PCORI include in the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects?

After thorough consideration of input received from HSII Participants regarding a set of potential topics, PCORI included the two topics below within the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects. HSII Participants may refer to the CFP for detailed descriptions of each topic.

  1. Intensive Lifestyle Treatment for Weight Loss in Primary Care Settings
  2. Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARTIs)
My health system is interested in more and different options for topics. Why are we starting with just two, and when will more topics become available?   

A central goal of HSII is to support broad scale and wide reach of evidence that can improve patient outcomes. In support of this goal, PCORI is opting to support more awards on fewer topics, rather than fewer awards for each of many topics. This approach will allow documentation of impact across multiple health systems, as well as demonstrating implementation approaches in diverse systems.  

The number of topics will grow over time as we add to the topics available for Implementation Projects in upcoming CFPs. However, PCORI is also cognizant of considerable HSII Participant interest in having more topic options and will take this input into consideration going forward.

My health system is interested in both topics within the first CFP. Can we apply for funding for more than one topic?

PCORI will consider no more than one Letter of Intent (LOI) and proposal per organization. That is, each organization may select and apply for one topic. HSII Participants may wish to consider which topic is highest priority to apply to first, and then apply to further topics of interest in future CFPs.  

We noticed that both selected topics are also eligible evidence topics for implementation within a different PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA). What’s different about this CFP?

Some topics eligible for implementation in this and future HSII CFPs may also be available through PCORI’s Open Competition PFA: Implementation of Findings from PCORI’s Research Investments funding announcement. However, this CFP is designed specifically for HSII Participants; it is intended to support implementation efforts led by health systems within their own care delivery settings. In contrast, implementation projects funded through the Open Competition PFA will generally be led by investigator teams and are expected to occur across multiple health systems and geographic regions.

The selected topics for the first CFP are not a good fit for my health system. When is the next opportunity to apply for HSII Implementation Project funding on different topics?

The next opportunity to apply for HSII Implementation Project funding will be in response to the second CFP, which is planned for a Spring/Summer 2024 release. PCORI plans to include at least one new topic in this second CFP, as well as including the topics offered in the first CFP. After that, PCORI intends to release a CFP at least once per calendar year. 

My health system is interested in a topic for the first CFP, but we might need more time to prepare a proposal. Can we apply for one of these topics in the future?

Yes. PCORI plans to include the same topics in the second CFP (Spring/Summer 2024), as well as at least one additional topic.

My health system is interested in a particular topic for implementation that has not yet been offered in a CFP. How should we communicate our interest in this topic to PCORI?

PCORI appreciates learning about your health system’s interest in potential topics for implementation! As a first step, we encourage HSII Project Leads to send PCORI your ideas using the Topic Suggestion Form that can be found on the HSII Learning Network SharePoint webpage. Note that implementation topics must be grounded in evidence generated from PCORI-funded research.

Pilot Projects

My organization is interested in the Pilot Project option. Does a Pilot Project need to focus on a specific evidence topic?

Yes. Applicants interested in applying for a Pilot Project must select one of the two eligible evidence topics in the CFP. Pilot Projects proposed for any other topic will be considered non-responsive to the CFP.

Can my organization apply for both an Implementation Project and a Pilot Project?

No. PCORI will consider no more than one LOI and proposal per organization in response to this first CFP.

Collaboration Among HSII Participants

My health system is interested in collaborating with one or more other HSII Participant health systems in an implementation project – is this allowed?

For this CFP, PCORI will only accept formal implementation project proposals submitted by single HSII Participant organizations to undertake implementation within their care delivery settings. HSII Participants are welcome to talk about their PCORI-funded Implementation Projects with representatives from other participating health systems informally – for example, holding discussion of implementation plans, sharing training materials or conferring on evaluation metrics with other organizations. These informal collaborations may occur within or outside of the HSII Learning Network. Further, HSII Participants may include formal structures supporting collaboration within an HSII Implementation Project proposal, for example, specifying an external stakeholder advisory committee that includes representatives from other HSII Participant organizations or from other health systems.  

PCORI will also consider requests from HSII Participants to allocate PCORI funds in their proposed HSII Implementation Project budgets to support consultation with, or procurement of specific services from, individuals employed at other HSII Participant organizations when specific and critical expertise resides outside of the applying HSII Participant health system. In these cases, the HSII Participant may arrange a direct consulting agreement with specific individuals but not with the HSII Participant organization. Please refer to the CFP for additional guidance. HSII Participants must describe in their LOI proposed plans for engaging individuals at other HSII Participant organizations as consultants in connection with their PCORI-funded HSII Implementation Project. 

Note that in the future, PCORI may consider joint proposals from two or more HSII Participants through other contracting and/or funding mechanisms, to support collaborative, multi-health system implementation efforts. These mechanisms are not available at this time.  

Capacity Building Projects

Does my health system need to complete specific Capacity Building Project activities before applying for an HSII Implementation Project?

No. If your health system was awarded funding for a Capacity Building Project, there are no requirements regarding a certain level of achievement within your Capacity Building Project in order to apply for an HSII Implementation or Pilot Project. Your health system also does not need to have a Capacity Building Project in order to apply for HSII project funding.


My health system is preparing for program evaluation as part of HSII Implementation Projects. What level of data will PCORI expect to see?

Health systems should not provide any detailed individual patient-level data sets, including any data sets that contain protected health information (PHI). All evaluation results for project outcomes reported to PCORI should be based on aggregate data (e.g., at the site [clinic] level, system level and/or organized by patient subgroups). Note that health systems should be prepared to report certain aggregate outcome measures — such as patients reached by site at the system-level — on a regular basis to PCORI throughout the project (e.g., every six months).

Contacting PCORI

My health system has specific questions regarding the upcoming CFP. How can our questions be addressed?

PCORI encourages HSII Participants to closely review the CFP and applicant materials. For any project-specific or clarifying questions, applicants may email PCORI at [email protected]. PCORI will respond by email, and we are also happy to set up calls as needed.

I want to share an idea about HSII with PCORI that isn’t related to the CFP. How do I get in touch?

PCORI welcomes your ideas and suggestions! We are interested in hearing from you about how HSII, including the HSII Learning Network, can support you as you move forward with implementing evidence from PCORI-funded research in your care delivery settings. To send PCORI a comment, suggestion, or idea, please use the Ideas and Suggestions Form that can be found on the HSII Learning Network SharePoint webpage.  

Please note that questions requiring a specific response or assistance should not be submitted using the Ideas and Suggestion Form. Instead, please send specific questions as follows: 

  • Regarding the HSII Learning Network: [email protected]. 

  • Regarding HSII, including funding opportunities: [email protected].  

  • Regarding funded HSII projects (e.g., Capacity Building Projects): Please email your assigned PCORI Program Officer or PCORI Contract Administrator directly.  

HSII Learning Network

Who should attend HSII Learning Network meetings?

The HSII Project Lead should attend HSII Learning Network meetings. In the case of Dual Project Leads, at least one Project Lead should attend. Project Leads may invite members of their organization to attend one or more meetings of the Learning Network in addition to themselves, as relevant to their activities.

Can an HSII Project Lead appoint someone to attend HSII Learning Network meetings in their place?

The HSII Project Lead may request to designate a consistent representative (Learning Network Designee) to attend HSII Learning Network meetings on their behalf. The Designee will also be included on Learning Network communications and in other Learning Network activities as relevant. The representative should be a leader at the HSII Participant organization who is closely tied to health care operations and authorized to speak on behalf of the HSII Project Lead and the HSII Participant. Each HSII Project Lead may designate one representative; therefore, each HSII Participant may have up to two Learning Network designees.

Requests to appoint a designee may be submitted to PCORI at [email protected]. Please email the designee’s:

  • Name.
  • Position title.
  • Contact information.
  • Assistant’s name and contact information.
  • Length of time at the organization.
  • Brief description of their role at the organization, including their connection to the HSII Project Lead and authority to speak on behalf of the Project Lead at meetings.
  • Brief description of the designee’s connection to healthcare operations.
Where do I find documents and resources shared through the HSII Learning Network (e.g., meeting agendas)?

The HSII Learning Network’s SharePoint webpage is here. Please note that access is only available for personnel at HSII Participant health systems. To request access, please ask your HSII Project Lead or Learning Network Designee to send an email to [email protected].


HSII Master Funding Agreement

Our organization would like to make changes to the HSII Project Lead(s) named in our HSII MFA. How do I request a change?

Adding or changing an HSII Project Lead will require PCORI review and approval. HSII MFAs may include up to two HSII Project Leads. To submit a change request, your Administrative Official will need to submit the materials below to [email protected]

  1. Administrative Official-signed memo stating your organization’s request to add a Dual HSII Project Lead (or change your HSII Project Lead), including the rationale for the request
  2. Email address for the proposed Project Lead
  3. Letter of Support from the proposed Project Lead’s leader
  4. Leadership Plan template, if adding a Dual Project Lead
  5. Project Lead template with the proposed Project Lead’s information
  6. Section A.4 of the HSII Participation Project Plan template completed with information about the proposed Project Lead

General HSII FAQs

My organization is not an HSII Participant, but we are looking for ways to get involved in HSII. How can we get involved?

At this time, involvement in HSII is limited to HSII Participants. The best way for other organizations to stay informed about HSII is to see updates on PCORI's HSII web page,

Will PCORI open more opportunities to join HSII? If so, when will future opportunities be available?

PCORI may open future opportunities to join HSII. The timing of any future opportunities is not known.

Posted: January 20, 2022; Updated: November 16, 2023

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