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UPDATE: PCORI has selected two topics to be included in the first Call for Proposals (CFP) for HSII Implementation Projects.

The two topics are:

  1. Intensive Lifestyle Obesity Treatment in Primary Care Settings
  1. Effective Use of Narrow Versus Broad Spectrum Antibiotics for Children

Please read below for more information on the topics. Additional details are forthcoming in a PCORI Pre-Announcement to be posted late September 2023, which, of note, may also include an additional topic if one is identified. HSII Participants are eligible to apply for project funding after the CFP releases in October 2023.

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HSII FAQs for HSII Participants

HSII Implementation Projects

When will PCORI release the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects?

PCORI will release the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects in late October 2023. 

What topics will PCORI include in the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects?

After thorough consideration of input received from HSII Participants regarding potential topics, PCORI intends to include the two topics described below within the first CFP for HSII Implementation Projects in October 2023. (NB: PCORI noted health system interest in other topics, several of which remain under consideration for future CFPs. If feasible, PCORI may include up to one additional topic in the first CFP; this would be included in the Pre-Announcement.)

  1. Intensive Lifestyle Obesity Treatment in Primary Care Settings: Two weight management programs studied in PCORI-funded research are included in this topic: a group visits program  and a health coaching program. HSII Participants may propose to implement one or both programs within their primary care settings, or a version tailored to their setting with justified adaptations. Applicants will propose an implementation plan to support building the program(s) into primary care clinics’ workflows in ways that support sustainable delivery of the program. The project’s evaluation will include health, healthcare and implementation outcome measures, including weight loss and weight maintenance for patients who receive care.

  2. Effective Use of Narrow Versus Broad Spectrum Antibiotics for Children: In PCORI-funded research, narrow-spectrum antibiotics were as effective as broad-spectrum alternatives for treating acute respiratory tract infections (ARTIs) in children but had a lower risk of side effects. Under this topic, HSII Participants may propose an implementation approach to improve antibiotic prescription for children with ARTIs in their ambulatory care settings. The project’s evaluation will include health, healthcare and implementation outcome measures, including rates of appropriate antibiotic prescribing.

My health system is interested in multiple topics within the first CFP. Will we be able to apply for funding for more than one topic?

PCORI will consider no more than one (1) Letter of Intent and proposal per organization. That is, each organization may select and apply for one topic. HSII Participants may wish to consider which topic is highest priority to apply to first, and then apply to further topics of interest in future CFPs.

The selected topics for the first CFP are not a good fit for my health system. When is the next opportunity to apply for HSII Implementation Project funding on different topics?

The next opportunity to apply for HSII Implementation Project funding is planned for Spring/Summer 2024. PCORI plans to include at least one new topic in this second CFP, as well as including the topics offered in the first CFP. After that, PCORI intends to release a CFP at least once per calendar year, with most CFPs including at least one new topic.

What are the deadlines for submitting a Letter of Intent and proposal for the first CFP?

The deadlines for submitting a Letter of Intent and full proposal will be specified in the PCORI Pre-Announcement. HSII Participants may anticipate having approximately one month to prepare a Letter of Intent after the CFP is posted in late October 2023. Once full applications are invited, you will have approximately two months to prepare a proposal.

My health system is interested in a topic for the first CFP, but we might need more time to prepare a proposal. Can we apply for one of these topics in the future?

Yes. PCORI plans to include the same topics in the second CFP (Spring/Summer 2024), as well as at least one additional topic.

My health system has started discussing our project idea, and we have specific questions. How can our questions be addressed?

More information regarding the requirements for implementation projects, flexibility in program design, program evaluation to accompany implementation, pilot opportunities, budgets and other guidance will be available within the CFP. Please also feel free to submit any specific questions you may have to the HSII Learning Network ([email protected]) for PCORI’s consideration and to assure that we address them in the Pre-Announcement, in the CFP, or in future FAQs.

Will there be an opportunity to apply for small or pilot funding prior to submitting a proposal for a full HSII Implementation Project?

PCORI plans to include a Pilot Project option within the CFP. More details will follow in the Pre-Announcement and CFP.

Who can serve as a Principal Investigator (PI) for an HSII Implementation Project?

HSII participants will be able to propose up to two PIs for an HSII Implementation Project. As such, proposed projects may have a single PI or a Dual PI leadership structure. Whether the project is a single or Dual PI, at least one of the PIs must be a Master Agreement Project Lead designated in the Master Funding Agreement (MFA). The second PI may be a different leader within your organization or a second Master Agreement Project Lead (if there are two Master Agreement Project Leads designated in the MFA). This Dual PI arrangement may be advantageous for projects that take place within specific departments and/or clinical care settings.

What are the budget levels for HSII Implementation Projects?

The budget levels will be specified in the PCORI Pre-Announcement. Budget levels for a full implementation project will likely be tied to project scope, including the number of patients to be served (i.e., reach) and the number of clinicians and care settings to be involved in the project.

Please note that PCORI plans to include a smaller Pilot Project option at a budget level of approximately $200,000.

What is the expected review process for proposals?

For a full implementation project, HSII Participants can expect an external review process (Merit Review) in addition to PCORI internal review. For Pilot Projects, proposals will undergo PCORI internal review.

Does my health system need to complete specific Capacity Building Project activities before applying for an HSII Implementation Projects?

No. If your health system was awarded funding for a Capacity Building Project, there are no requirements regarding a certain level of achievement within your Capacity Building Project in order to apply for HSII Implementation Projects. Your health system also does not need to have a Capacity Building Project in order to apply for HSII Implementation Project funding.

Please note that within an HSII Implementation Project proposal, PCORI might request information on how your Capacity Building Project activities relate to any activities proposed for implementation.

My health system would like to suggest a topic for consideration within future CFPs. How do I send PCORI our topic idea?

PCORI intends to establish a systematic process through the HSII Learning Network to gather HSII Participants’ topic ideas. Please stay tuned for more information in Fall 2023.

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HSII Learning Network

When is the next HSII Learning Network meeting?

The next HSII Learning Network meeting will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 2 pm (ET).

Who should attend HSII Learning Network meetings?

The HSII Project Lead should attend HSII Learning Network meetings. In the case of Dual Project Leads, at least one Project Lead should attend. Project Leads may invite a member of their organization to attend one or more meetings of the Learning Network in addition to themselves, as relevant to their activities.

Can an HSII Project Lead appoint someone to attend HSII Learning Network meetings in their place?

The HSII Project Lead may request to designate a representative (designee) to attend HSII Learning Network meetings on their behalf. The representative should be a leader at the HSII Participant organization who is closely tied to health care operations and authorized to speak on behalf of the HSII Project Lead and the HSII Participant.

Requests to appoint a designee may be submitted to PCORI at [email protected]. Please email the designee’s:

  • Name
  • Position title
  • Contact information
  • Assistant’s name and contact information
  • Length of time at the organization
  • Brief description of their role at the organization, including their connection to the HSII Project Lead and authority to speak on behalf of the Project Lead
  • Brief description of the designee’s connection to health care operations
Where do I find documents and resources shared through the HSII Learning Network (e.g., meeting agendas)?

The HSII Learning Network’s SharePoint webpage is here. Please note that access is only available for personnel at HSII Participant health systems. To request access, please ask your HSII Project Lead or Learning Network Designee to send an email to [email protected].

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HSII Master Funding Agreement

Our organization would like to make changes to the HSII Project Lead(s) named in our HSII Master Funding Agreement. How do I request a change?

Adding or changing an HSII Project Lead will require PCORI review and approval. HSII MFAs may include up to two HSII Project Leads. To submit a change request, your Administrative Official will need to submit the materials below to [email protected]

  1. Administrative Official-signed memo stating your organization’s request to add a Dual HSII Project Lead (or change your HSII Project Lead)
  2. Section A.4 of the HSII Participation Project Plan template completed with information about the proposed Project Lead
  3. Project Lead template with the proposed Project Lead’s information
  4. Leadership Plan template, if adding a Dual Project Lead;
  5. Letter of Support from the proposed Project Lead’s leader
  6. Email address for the proposed Project Lead

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General HSII FAQs

My organization is not an HSII Participant, but we are looking for ways to get involved in HSII. How can we get involved? 

At this time, involvement in HSII is limited to HSII Participants. The best way for other organizations to stay informed about HSII is to see updates on PCORI's HSII web page,

Will PCORI open more opportunities to join HSII? If so, when will future opportunities be available?

PCORI may open future opportunities to join HSII. The timing of any future opportunities is not known.

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Posted: January 20, 2022; Updated: August 21, 2023

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