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Representing: Patients, Caregivers, and Patient Advocates
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Bridget Reynolds is a member of Improving Sickle Cell Care in Adolescents and Adults in Chicago (ISAAC) patient advisory council and CRiSP. Reynolds has served as a team leader in the University of Illinois iPartner study, chaired the Member Advisory Council for an HMO.

Reynolds has worked as a Certified Medical Technologist in public and private health care. She served as a Managing Supervisor of group homes for the developmentally disabled, a subcontract with the Illinois Department of Public Health, on minority health initiatives.

Reynolds writes poetry, is an artist, and has been a critic and feature editor for a local newspaper.

Reynolds dreams of making modalities, including artificial intelligence helper bots and humanoid robots, accessible to persons with sickle cell disease. Reynolds is confident that the SCD community would be greatly accommodated in everyday life or while in crisis by helper robots. Reynolds feels robots would be especially helpful to those who live alone or care for children without a partner. They have the potential to save lives as the search for a cure continues.

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