Seattle, WA

Senior Scientific Investigator, Group Health Research Institute

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Daniel C. Cherkin is Senior Scientific Investigator with the Group Health Research Institute. He trained in biostatistics and epidemiology. During his 27-year research career at Group Health, an integrated healthcare delivery system, he has learned about the large effect healthcare systems can have on patients’ experiences and outcomes of care. His research has focused on identifying more effective strategies for responding to the needs of the many persons with chronic back pain whose pain has not responded to conventional medical treatments. He has conducted numerous NIH-funded randomized clinical trials evaluating both conventional and complementary and alternative medical treatments for back pain, including chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, massage, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. He serves on the National Advisory Council for the NIH Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He holds a MS and a PhD from the University of Washington.

Cherkin served as a member of the Advisory Panel on Improving Healthcare Systems from April 2013 to September 2016.

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