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Danielle Brooks, JD, has worked at the intersection of law, health IT, policy, communications, and project management for over 10 years. Brooks began her career as policy fellow for former Governor and former Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack. She has since spent the last decade designing, leading, and managing strategy and implementation programs focused on issues of disparities across a variety of industries including health care, communication, human rights, policy, and law. Some of her prior work experiences include the eHealth Initiative, Morehouse Medical College, and the State of Iowa, Judicial Branch. For several years, Brooks has supported numerous initiatives focused on healthcare disparities, including guiding the development of community-based wellness initiatives; working as an Executive Editor for Disruptive Women in Health Care, a women's health-focused blog; and spearheading the patient engagement design for a health app and portal entitled WiseConnect. A native Iowan, Brooks studied at Oberlin College and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Politics. She then attended William and Mary School of Law, achieving her Juris Doctorate. During her time at William and Mary, she focused on healthcare and policy matters. She currently resides in Washington, DC.

Brooks previously served as a member of the Advisory Panel on Improving Healthcare Systems, and a member of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Delivery and Disparities Research, from August 2017 to August 2020.

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As of February 26, 2018

  • Morehouse School of Medicine, Transdisciplinary Committee, board member
  • PCORI Employee (spouse)


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