Danny van Leeuwen, MPH, RN, is the founder and principal of Health Hats, where he advocates for patients and caregivers, focusing on health equity, healthcare decision making, and communicating health information. He previously served as the Vice President for Quality Management at Advocates, Inc., providing support services to individuals and families with mental illness and developmental disabilities, among other challenges. He also led Boston Children's Hospital's Patient-Family Experience Initiative.

Van Leeuwen lives with disabilities from multiple sclerosis and is a patient-caregiver activist who also served as a care partner to several family members during their end-of-life journeys. He is a registered nurse (for over 45 years), informaticist, and podcaster who serves widely as a technical expert. He is a National Quality Forum Patient and Caregiver Engagement advisor and serves as a member of the forum’s Standing Committee for Cost and Efficiency Measures. He serves on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services-funded panel for Physician Cost Measures and Patient Relationship Codes and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Digital Healthcare Research Strategy Plan. He also served on the steering committee of the agency’s Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Learning Network.

Van Leeuwen earned his master of public health from the University of Minnesota, his bachelor of arts from Glenville State College, and an associate’s degree in registered nursing from Wayne County Community College.

Conflicts of Interest

As of November 29, 2021

Financial or Business Associations:

  • Health Hats, Owner
  •, Podcast Sponsor
  • MITRE Corporation, Consultant
  • RTI International, Consultant
  • National Quality Forum, Patient and Caregiver Engagement Advisor and member Standing Committee for Cost and Efficiency Measures  (Compensated Positions)
  • Technical Expert Panel (TEP) for CMS Physician Cost Measures and Patient Relationship Codes (PCMP) (compensated position)

Personal Associations:

  • British Medical Journal, Editorial Board Member
  • Journal of Participatory Medicine, Editorial Board Member
  • Society of Participatory Medicine, Active Volunteer
  • Innovation and Value Initiative, member
  • Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH), member
  • Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, Member


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Panel / Committee