Diana Cejas, MD, MPH, member of the PCORI Advisory Panel on Healthcare Delivery and Disparities Research (HDDR).

Durham, North Carolina

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Representing: Clinicians
Term Ends August 2024

Diana Cejas is an Assistant Professor of Neurology and faculty at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at UNC-Chapel Hill. Through her clinical work, Cejas cares for youth with a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities and complex neurological and psychiatric comorbidities. She seeks to improve health outcomes in this population as they transition to adulthood and serves as the principal investigator of studies that explore this phase of their lives.

Cejas has also devoted much of her career to improving communication between healthcare providers and the broader disability community, particularly young disabled people of color.

Cejas is involved with national activities focused on patient advocacy and improving care for disabled youth. Cejas is particularly interested in digital advocacy and uses both social media and print media as tools in her efforts.

After being diagnosed with cancer and surviving a stroke during her residency training, Cejas learned about the power of patient narratives in research, advocacy, and clinical care. Cejas shares her own story and other commentary on disability via essays, op-eds, and works of creative nonfiction.

Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in medical journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association, literary magazines including The Iowa Review and Catapult, popular media, and anthologies including Disability Visibility, among others.

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