Headshot of Jennifer DeVoe, PCORI Board of Governors member

Jennifer (Jen) DeVoe, MD, MPhil, MCR, DPhil, FAAFP, is a practicing family physician, health services researcher, and national primary care leader based in Portland, Oregon. As the John & Sherrie Saultz Professor and Chair of the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Department of Family Medicine, she oversees nearly 200 faculty, 72 resident physicians, and several of OHSU’s primary care clinics.

From 2010 to 2016, DeVoe served as the first Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the OCHIN practice-based research network, where she led the development of a unique community laboratory, linking together electronic health record (EHR) data from over 400 community health center clinics across multiple states to build the most robust safety-net research database in the country. She is the past President of the North American Primary Care Research Group, the premier international professional organization for primary care researchers. DeVoe currently serves as a principal investigator or co-investigator on several large federally funded research studies. She studies access to health care, disparities in care, and how policy changes and transformations in primary care affect patients’ health outcomes. She and her team pioneered the use of EHR data in research, studying primary care utilization by uninsured and underinsured populations, which has garnered her national attention, particularly relating to the Affordable Care Act. She was elected to the National Academy of Medicine (previously the Institute of Medicine) in 2014.

DeVoe holds joint appointments in the OHSU Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, and at the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for Health Research. DeVoe graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University in 1993 and an MD from Harvard Medical School in 1999. She was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1997 and earned an MPhil and DPhil degree from Oxford University in 1998 and 2001, respectively. She completed her family medicine residency in 2004 and a master’s in clinical research from OHSU in 2010.

DeVoe was appointed as a member of the PCORI Board of Governors by the Comptroller General of the United States in September 2018.

In September 2022, DeVoe was appointed as Vice Chairperson of the Board.

Conflicts of Interest

As of January 31, 2023

Financial or Business Associations:

  • Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU), Employer
  • OCHIN, Inc., Research Advisor
  • NHLBI, NIH, Advisory Board Member (Compensated Position)
  • NHLBI, NIH, Receive Research Funding
  • AHRQ, Receive Research Funding
  • NCI, Receive Research Funding
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Advisory Board Member (Compensated Position)
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Exam Writer

Personal Associations:

  • American Academy of Family Physicians, Editorial Board Member
  • National Academies, Board member
  • National Academies, Committee or Work Group member
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Editorial Board member
  • Montana State University, Advisory Council Member (Non-compensated Position)
  • Montana State University, Committee or Work Group member


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