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Jim Hu has significant experience and a track record in examining patient-centered outcomes and comparative effectiveness research for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, he has formal training in health services research through a Master’s in Public Health as well as dedicated research fellowship at UCLA. Moreover, a DoD prostate cancer research program career development award funded Jim’s additional formal instruction as part of the Clinical Effectiveness Program at the Harvard School of Public Health. He recently demonstrated in NEJM the significant contamination in the control arm of the Prostate, Colo-rectal, Lung and Ovarian (PLCO) trial and an increase in the incidence of pelvic lymph node and distant metastasis that led to the revision in the US Preventative Services Task Force recommendation for PSA screening from a D to a C. He has also published in JAMA, JCO and Cancer evaluation of new technologies for treating prostate cancer, such as stereotactic body radiation therapy and robotic assisted surgery, as well as issues with adoption of HIFU partial gland ablation.

Involvement with PCORI

Research Awards: Comparing Two Types of Prostate Biopsy - Principal Investigator (PI)

Research Awards: Comparing Five Treatment Approaches for Men with Prostate Cancer -- The PC CONCEPT Study - Principal Investigator (PI)

Ambassador Interests

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