Plymouth, MN

Project Manager and Architect, Hennepin County

Represented: Patients, Caregivers, and Patient Advocates
Term ended August 2020

Julie Abramson serves as a patient advocate on the Steering Committee for the Nephcure Kidney Network, a PCORI-funded PPRN, as co-chair of the patient engagement group since 2014, and co-chair for the Steering Committee since 2015. She has helped implement social media strategies, personalized letters, and patient language to reach out to patients to join the patient registry. She has mentored other patients to learn about nephrotic syndrome and is currently working on a new patient learning module with Nephcure. She has helped other patients petition their insurance to cover the medications prescribed by their doctors but denied by insurance. Abramson has a Bachelor’s in Architecture and a Master’s in Construction Management. She currently works for Hennepin County in Minneapolis, managing design and construction projects for one of the larger progressive counties in the country. The work includes planning and implementing the functional space for Health & Human Services. The county restructured its delivery method to a decentralized model in the communities, reaching a more diverse population and providing diversity and inclusion training. Because of her training in architecture and experience in project management, she brings unique ideas to the NKN steering committee as a patient advocate. She is able to understand the scientific process and need for the registry while thinking creatively on ways to engage patients.

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