Dallas, Texas

Research Investigator, Baylor Scott and White Research Institute

Representing: Hospital/Health Systems
Term Ends July 2025

Katherine Sanchez, PhD, LCSW is a Research Investigator with Baylor Scott and White Research Institute in Dallas, Texas. She has an additional appointment as an Associate Professor and is Associate Dean for Research at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work.

Dr. Sanchez practiced as a bilingual clinical social worker for 15 years, primarily in medical settings with monolingual Spanish-speaking populations before getting her PhD. Her principal area of research is in integrated health care and the provision of socio-culturally, linguistically adapted models to advance the scientific knowledge around eliminating mental health disparities through an integrated approach and promoting sustainability of the model through behavioral health services which expand the capacity of primary care.

Dr. Sanchez seeks to examine system-level interventions to understand the adoption of evidence-based practices, organizational barriers, and facilitators to uptake of clinical practice guidelines consistent with national recommendations, and examine the social determinants of health which result in high-impact, innovative strategies to better address mental health at the individual and the healthcare system level.

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