Nashville, TN

Administrator, Community Partners’ Network, Inc.

Represented: Patients, Caregivers, and Patient Advocates
Former Panel Chair
Term ended August 2022

Neely Williams, EdD, has been an active member of PCORnet since its inception. She currently serves as a patient partner/co-investigator and member of the stakeholder advisory board for the STAR-CRN and is a member of the PCORnet 2.0 Steering Committee. She previously served as a member of the national PCORnet Stakeholder Engagement Committee. She also served as the patient co-principal investigator on the PCORnet Bariatric Surgery Demonstration Project, helping to bring the patient perspective to the overall project and participating in decision making at the highest level of the study. She continues to work with the publication team and on dissemination activities for the project.

Throughout the past five years, Williams has been an active advocate for patients and community member’s role in biomedical research. She has given numerous presentations and workshops at national conferences, including PCORnet and PCORI meetings. She currently serves on the Stakeholder Advisory Board for the Vanderbilt-Meharry Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, and as a member of the dissemination core, where she is involved in ongoing research and publication activities.

Williams served on the Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement from August 2019 to August 2022.

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As of March 25, 2019

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Panel / Committee