Nora McGhee, PhD, is a Senior Program Officer for the Clinical Effectiveness and Decision Science program at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). In this role, she supports the Clinical Effectiveness Research priority area. She is also the staff co-lead for the PCORI Advisory Panel on Rare Disease.

McGhee previously served as a Senior Manager in the Office of the Chief Science Officer at PCORI. In this role, she oversaw the presentation of proposed funding slates for research awards as well all policy and procedure activities for the Science department. She also previously served as Senior Merit Review Officer, where she was responsible for organizing and managing the merit review of research applications submitted to PCORI Funding Announcements.

Before joining PCORI, McGhee managed the review of proposed new medical devices for several health systems. She facilitated the work of multiple cross-functional teams in evaluating the clinical efficacy, safety, and organizational impacts of implementing new devices.

McGhee received a BA in biology from Oberlin College, and a PhD in pharmacology from Duke University. Her PhD research involved the study of tumor biology to enhance drug targeting. She conducted postdoctoral work at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, where she studied nutritional and hormonal control of protein synthesis.


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